Social networking sites – Boon or Bane?

Last Updated on 13th September 2016.

Background :-

  • Facebook, Twitter are the examples of social networking sites (SNS).
  • Social networking was started on the internet in the form of generalized online communities to group the people having same interests and to share their ideas.
  • The first recognizable social networking site is which was launched in 1997.
  • Now, there are lots of social networking sites for specific interests.
  • As of 2016, 45% of the world’s internet users are on social networking sites.
  • Facebook, launched in 2004, has become the largest social networking site in the world as of now.

Positive Side :-

  • We can keep in touch with friends in today’s busy world.
  • We can improve ourselves by sharing our ideas, information and knowledge with those, who have same interests, even if they are so many miles away from us.
  • Teachers and professors are making groups on SNS to extend classroom discussion, to post assignments, tests & quizzes and to assist students with homework.
  • Many companies are developing interactive communities that connect individuals to share business needs & experiences.
  • Students are connecting with employers via LinkedIn kind of SNS for job opportunities and internships.
  • We can find our friends easily, if we lost contact.
  • Generally social networking sites have a positive atmosphere. For example, Facebook doesn’t send notification, if someone is removed as a friend. So there is a least chance for the person to know that.
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Negative side:-

  • People are increasingly comparing their lives with others that are projecting their life as perfect. This decreases happiness levels and also can lead to self-esteem issues.
  • Privacy is a big drawback of SNS. Some people are using other person’s personal information for malicious intentions.
  • Addiction is another big drawback of SNS.
  • Lot of SNS users are preferring online conversation rather than face-to-face. It’ll effect communication skills, relationships and even mental health.
  • There is a high risk for children and teenagers from cyber stalking.
  • Gossips and rumors spread soon.
  • Spending in front of computer for long hours creates many health problems.

Present situation of social networking sites :-

  • Messaging and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps such as hike, whatsapp & Skype are taking over social networking sites.
  • More and more people are diverting to niche based social networking sites, because people want to connect with others of the specific interest.


Social networking sites are a boon. It depends on how we use them, whether to improve ourselves or to degrade. But children and teenagers must be guided by their guardians because they can easily be manipulated and affected by cyber threats.

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We should not disclose too much personal information because its risky. Life will be great, if we spend less time on social networking sites and more time in the real world.

Afterwords :-  What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below.

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  • Thanks. I felt very interesting about this topic.
    I think it's a boon

  • i think social network is both having boon and bane, because it is having communicate our friend and all the peoples to sharing all the information for any time any where , then have to make lot of friendz in their use to help emergeny, at the same time some buddy peoples have to created fake id to sending unwanted information and gathering our information to using badly so its for bane to danger us, so please use limit its… thank you, by, P.Sampath.BCA.,

  • thanks

  • hey nice appu its 100% truth ………………………there is equal chances boon or bane .. But is it used in good way or not depends on us ………………

  • I Think Social Networking Sites Is A Bane

  • nice explaination thanx.

  • I think that social networking is essential for us. The reason is that with the help of these sites we can easily communicate with our friends with minimum cost as compare to mobile and we can make new friends. These sites help us to know that what is going in the world in instant of time.

    But keeping in mind that social networking is a virtual world not real. Its awareness is very important for every human being those uses these sites. Remember excess of any is very harmful.

    Enjoy the life with social networking

  • it is bane and bone both depending upon the way in which you are using it.

  • finding more time in social networks will curtail the problem solving skills of the students. really it is the bane for our country.

  • now a days students finding more time in using social networks. this will reduce the problem solving techniques of the students in real world.this will curtail the self confidence of the students.

  • Yes, Social Media is certainly influenced the youth. We can see that influence that most of us just get dependent upon the news and updates mostly on the social sites. If something happens, we first go to search our social site pages and then comes the secondary.
    Here another point of discussion to participate Merits and Demerits of Social Networking sites

  • guys all are happened from our view on the matter…
    if we felt one is good we will follows it.. or else we wont… am i right or not??

  • Every coin has two faces it's depend on us.
    how we getting from it.
    Awesome thought thank you

  • Every coin has two faces it's depend on us how we getting from it.
    awesome thought thank you keep it up ……

  • We can observe as a boon so its a boon and as a curse so its curse..
    For my side its a boon for me..

  • We can observe as a boon so its a boon and as a curse so its curse..
    For my side its a boon for me..

  • We can observe as a boon then its boon and as a curse so its curse.. But for my side its a boon for us…

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    It is boon for us

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    it is a bane fpr physical health

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    yeah its both, boon as well as bane it literally depends upon the person for which purpose he/she is using these sns ……

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  • Nice point… It may be because SNS are good contact directories. 🙂

  • Yes i totally agree it is a boon and a bane, it totally depends on the user how to use them. but the point to keep in mind is that there are more advantages than disadvantages, so neglecting the negative points. it is a boon

    An Irony in this field is, those who are against SNS themselves have an account on such sites… you agree?

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    it is both boon and bane

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