Internet – boon or bane?

In Favor :-

  • Because of internet, world has became a global village.
  • Internet encourages freedom of speech.
  • Internet is empowering everyone including those who are residing at remotest places.
  • Internet has created a lot of opportunities that weren’t there before. It created a lot of jobs.
  • Education got globalized. Students can take any course in any college through E-learning.
  • New innovations and resources can now be shared easily.
  • Transfer of files was made easy.
  • There is no limit to store information in the internet.
  • Communication has never been this easier.
  • We can pay bills or buy items from home, that would have required to go outside otherwise.
  • We can find information about anything.
  • We can develop our skills through many free courses available in internet.
  • Internet can be used for entertainment such as playing video games, watching movies etc.
  • The scope of gossips on celebrities is reducing because now celebrities are able interact with fans directly through social media.

In Against :-

  • According to researchers, our concentration levels are decreasing with the overwhelming usage of internet as we are concentrating on a lot of things at the same time.
  • Our memory power is reducing. With the growing usage of internet, we are not using our minds as much as we did when there was no internet. We used to store a lot of information in our minds and we used do simple math without using our phones etc.
  • The present generation has way too many distractions because of internet.
  • Lack of security, because hackers can easily theft data or can manipulate it.
  • Face to face communication has reduced.
  • Everyone can express their own views. But lots of misleading information too available in the internet. Children and youth can easily be misled by that.
  • Through Internet, viruses and malware spread easily and total data can get corrupted.
  • Many waste their precious time on internet.
  • Gossips spread easily. The privacy of celebrities is diminishing.
  • Internet addiction is now one of the modern world problems.
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Conclusion :-

Internet is definitely a boon. It brought the world closer and made our lives easier. We should utilize technology to compete with this fast world. Every coin has two sides. It’s up to us to receive good and to leave bad.

Afterwords :- Do you think Internet is a boon? What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment section below.

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  1. internet is of corse a boon but the same time is a bane for today’s “youth”
    we have actually lost our natural resources:
    Go to a nearby park and observe it and write whatever we see there if this is a project given then 85% of the people would copy/paste the information from internet.
    this is not good, we all are not even putting our efforts in doing just a simple thing or we can say that we are just escaping from our talents,from our abilities and from our responsibility. we do not put a little effort in doing so, rather we just sit at the internet and just type the words or the topic and we’ll get it by just moving our hands.
    so, i just conclude by saying “INTERNET” is a boon but don’t forget it might be a bane for YOU.
    🙂 THANKYOU (:

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