Donald Trump Presidency – Impact on the world

Background :-

  • On 8th November 2016, Donald Trump was elected as President for United States of America as a successor to Barack Obama.

Reasons for Donald Trump’s win :-

  • At present unemployment is one of the main problems in USA. Trump’s promise of solving this gained support for him.
  • White people constitute 63% of USA’s population. They have fear of slipping into minority. Donald Trump’s election promises are in favor of white Americans.
  • By Hillary’s words, we can guess that Hillary Clinton won’t take any extreme decisions and will continue the previous policies as it is. This didn’t attract much support.
  • Trump didn’t depend on donations for his campaigns. He spent his own money for that. This created a positive opinion that influential persons may not have a say in his decisions.

Impact on USA & the world :-

  • USA may not be interested in international affairs like before. Because Trump said that USA will withdraw their military coups from Afghanistan. This will help terrorists.
  • If we analyse past incidents, we can observe that Republicans are not that supportive of multilateral agreements with other countries. (Donald Trump is from Republican party).
  • Most of the immigrants in the country may lose their jobs. Many immigrants may return to their native places.
  • Illegal immigrants problem of USA may be solved. Most of them are believed to be Mexicans.
  • White domination may increase in USA. Colored people may face discrimination.
  • Trump criticized free trade. He also criticized Chinese currency devaluation. Trade relations of USA with other countries may alter.
  • He may impose higher tariffs on Chinese imports to USA, to support American companies and also to counter cheap manufactured goods.
  • Trump is against lowering carbon emissions for climate change targets. He says that it is expensive to the USA’s manufacturing industries.

Conclusion :-

Though we can guess what’s going to happen based on Trump’s words and some incidents, it’s too early to judge the future of USA under Trump’s rule. Time decides the fate of USA in Donald Trump’s presidency.

Afterwords :- What is your opinion on Donald Trump’s presidency? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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