Are Advertisements Beneficial or not?


Last Updated on 4th March, 2016

Background :-

  • Advertising is a process of promoting goods and services through media, sponsored activities etc.
  • There are various types of advertising. Ads in newspapers, TV programs, blogs, websites, Hoardings besides roads, sponsoring sports, giving scholarships, free samples are some examples of advertising.
  • In India, ‘Advertising Standards Council of India’ (ASCI), a self regulatory voluntary organization of the advertising industry was founded in 1985. It’s aim is to enhance public confidence in advertising. People can send complaints to ASCI, if any ad is false, misleading or offensive.

In Favor :-

  • Advertising benefits both the seller and the consumer. Seller can promote her/his goods. On the other hand, consumers can get the information of goods and discount deals available in the market, so she/he can improve their lives with the more efficient, cheaper and helpful products.
  • Many information websites and blogs are providing content for free, because they get paid by advertisers.
  • Ads sponsor Newspapers, TV programs, sport events. Ads on buses and trains support government.
  • These days, we are witnessing ads that are increasing gender sensitivity.
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In Against :-

  • Ads have a great impact on the mindsets of people, especially youth. It is leading to increasing consumerism.
  • People, who can’t afford to buy those products may feel inferior by the inescapable ads.
  • Ads are repetitive. Many times, we are seeing the same ad in TV, on hoardings and in websites etc, which is irritating.
  • The big hoardings besides roads are distracting and can cause accidents.
  • Some advertisers do not follow ethics, and they don’t even care about environment. We end up with using these products, without knowing their effect on environment. Room fresheners, cleansers belong to this kind.
  • Some ads like weight loss and fairness products can make people feel insecure about their bodies.
  • Some ads uses fake photoshopped images and make false promises.
  • Advertising costs effects the cost of product.

Conclusion :-

Advertising is inevitable and the advertising field is changing for good. These days, the discriminating ads are rare. Many advertisers are doing good to society to get exposure for their brands and people have become more aware of false promises. This is a good phenomenon. But the main problem with advertising is growing consumerism. This must be avoided and we should work towards an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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